The Birdhouse: A West Virginia gardening journal


One thing I love about taking over someone else’s garden is that you keep finding out what your predecessors were all about.

Case in point:


Never seen these before. They are huge and very fragrant.

These were blooming spectacularly when we arrived– I’ve not seen them in the nearly 5 years we’ve owned this place. They were the result of a gnarled, profoundly unhappy clump of roots right by the front steps that had produced nothing– very few leaves, even– since we moved in.

On a lark last year, I dug up the mass and broke off the healthy tubers and planted them around in the sunny parts of the yard. I guess they are happy in this location at least!

Other than that, lots of hard work this weekend. Pruning, mulching, weeding, and putting in two new beds of ferns. I really hope these will help fill in some of the dead zones along the driveway.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What’s blooming? Almost all purple and yellow. Siberian Iris, salvia, catmint, coreopsis just beginning. And these cool wildflowers (some would call them weeds) which a biologist friend informs me is called hawkweed.

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