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I culled out a bunch of the rudbeckia this morning, just to see what it might look like. I like it!

Before & after:

So what will go in the new spaces?  Some mulch, of course, to give one some breathing (and weeding) room. But I also think I’ll plant more wildflowers next year. They were easy and could take the sporadic summer watering. Based on those included in deer resistant wildflower mixes from American Meadows and Planet Natural. I ordered seeds from the first 3 (CA poppy mix) from Planet Natural (cheap seeds, expensive shipping):

  • Poppies (the regular kind and Cailfornia poppies)–CA mix ordered from Planet Natural
  • Western (white) yarrow
  • Fuzzy-tongued penstemon–electric blue in color
  • Zinnia (are they really deer resistant?)
  • Purple Coneflower–harvest from existing plant this fall
  • Lupines of various sorts

California poppy mix

Western yarrow

Fuzzy-tongue penstemon

The yarrow & penstemon seeds can be direct-sown with sand in the fall. Poppies need to be sown in early spring.

Other plans:

  • Will need to weedwhack the shit out of the stiltgrass in September.
  • Also need to cut back/dig up rudbeckia & supplement soil.
  • Plant liatris? I’d like to put more in the middle of the bed out front.
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