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Things are going wild in the garden. I spent quite a bit of time this weekend just beating things back. I guess this is a good problem to have, since my main problem for the previous 3 years has been figuring out how to get things (I want) to grow!

Roundup-ed the back 40 again– missed a lot of spots. That was too bad because I pulled up a TON of healthy rudbeckia that I’d hoped to put back there, but I figured there wasn’t any point in trying to do it since there was Roundup all over the place. But there will be more rudbeckia. And now you can actually see the catmint, which was all but invisible when I got here yesterday because it was being choked out.

The whole bed along the driveway

The whole bed along the driveway

Post-weeding/culling bed. You can now actually see the catmint (back center) and the moonbeam coreopsis (foreground).

Post-weeding/culling bed. You can now actually see the catmint (back center) and the moonbeam coreopsis (foreground).

Irises are blooming all around the front yard. Some bearded iris leftover from Margaret’s tenure at Teals Lane, and blue flag and Siberian iris: the small ones I bought as rhizomes from American Meadows, and the large beautiful ones from divisions that Greg gave me. In the picture of the kind of my sad, but growing! Siberian iris, you can also see Asiatic lilies I picked up at the Ace Hardware in town last year (to the left of the iris) and butterfly weed–the little tiny ones came up from seed I scattered last fall.

Too bad the deer are already in action. They actually tried to eat one of the small Siberian iris, and chomped on the hairy angel-wing begonias I planted in the containers. Nibbled on some of the holly and also the gaillardia, which they didn’t touch last year. So, sigh, spread the De-Fence around also.

Wildflowers blooming by the shed: they sort of look like dandelions, but I think they look all cool and soldierly en masse. Matt liked them also. We decided to keep them for now.

wildflowers2 wildflowersAnd here is a picture of the rest of the fams, doing what they do while I am out toiling away happily in the beds:

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