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Last fall foliage … and last fall planting

After missing all of the fall foliage, we are here this weekend to deal with all the fallen leaves, do some final yard/bed maintenance before winter, and plant the last few plants. We were able to see the begonias one last time before the hard freeze last night. The Riegers were beautiful all summer– must get them again. The angel wings got chomped by the deer, but kept trooping along. The gaillardia kept blooming until now. Amazing. I dug up a whole bunch more of the common bulrushes and replaced them with some switchgrass I found on sale this week for 1/2 price at Valley View. I bought 3–of the wonderfully named varietal, “Heavy Metal.” The image above shows what it looks like now (photo stolen off the web).

The yellow foliage looks really nice against all the greens and blues. It’s recommended to plant as a screen against rudbeckia, asters, monarda– all in the bed next to it– how serendipitous!

I also cut back all the rudbeckia stems, threw them on a tarp (not the driveway– a bad idea, as we discovered when we had to fight the seedlings all summer long!), and strewed them about the new boggy garden area out back. Hopefully at least some well sprout. And I strewed around some seeds. Harvested some echinacea– threw those in the bed next to the house & the one in front of the shed. In that bed, also threw on the rest of the bachelor’s buttons & gaillardia that I had in the bare-ish area on the northeast corner, and then tried a couple of spots of penstemon digitalis “Husker Red” in the bare spots around the sad hydrangea on the northwest corner. I ordered those online last spring, & waited to sow until now because I discovered that the seeds require stratification, but are supposed to self-sow in the garden.

So … everything’s all prepped for winter. We also got Michael Merchant to clear all the logs & stuff out front, so everything looks much nicer now.

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